Christmas Crazy

Let’s talk about Christmas.

But it’s February, you say? We just finished with Christmas? Well, my friend, there’s never a bad time to discuss Christmas! (<– Yes, this is the level of my crazy. Yes, I am aware of it. No, I will not stop)

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m a Christmas nut.

I listen to Christmas music all year long, I stock up on Christmas scented candles so I can use them in the in between months, I can periodically be seen watching Christmas movies any month of the year, and I’m a sucker for a Christmas novel at any time.

That being said, I do not generally force my Christmas spirit on others. You’ll notice that the items I listed above are all things that I can keep to myself. I never make anyone join in my Christmas Crazy if they don’t want to. So if you’d rather come back and join me for this post in December, after you’ve had your Christmas detox, you’re welcome to do so.

You may be asking, why do I love Christmas so much?

That’s easy – it’s a time of year that brings joy and happiness to so many people, and it gives me an excuse to be extra loving with my friends and family.

That’s why I like to keep Christmas throughout the year. It helps me to keep in mind how much I care about the people in my life, and reminds me not to take for granted what I have. It keeps my spirit up when the snow doesn’t stop in January, when the world is nothing but mud in April, when the sun beats repressively down in June, and when the ghosts come out in October.

As I’m a knitter, you may be able to guess another reason I love Christmas so much – it’s the coziest time of the year!

I am a sucker for an evening spent with a cozy sweater, a cup of hot tea, and a comfy spot on the couch to watch a Christmas movie.

Now, which of those things are feasible in the middle of July?

You got it, the Christmas movie! A good Christmas movie session when it’s hot outside brings back all the cozy vibes I get when it’s cold, especially when I want nothing more than a 30 degree day to give me the excuse to grab a cuppa, cuddle up, and stay in all day.

Does anybody else like to sneak in a bit of Christmas in the intervening months before the Holiday season? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you next time!


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