Travel Journals

Let’s talk about travel.

Wait, wait. First, what is this, a Sunday post??? Am I changing the schedule, AGAIN??

No, my good readers, don’t worry, I’m not changing the schedule.

But I wanted to announce a new series I’ll be doing!

I am a huge traveler, and I have been ever since my first trip abroad when I was a senior in high school. I’ve been to lots of interesting places, and I intend to go to many more, so I thought I’d make a series to tell you about it!

Topics in this series will vary from simple anecdotes, to tips on getting around in some cities, to some of my more general experiences.

My travel experience is primarily focused in Europe – including France, Italy, Britain, and Sweden, among others – but a study abroad in Taiwan should add a bit of variety here and there.

The series will be coming out as the usual Tuesday variety, on the last Tuesday of every month.

I’ll see you for this series, starting February 27th!

Until then, does anyone have any aspect of travel they’d like me to focus on, any countries of particular interest? Let me know in the comments!


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