Knitting Series: Yarn Review – Brenda and Heather Yarns

Let’s talk about self-striping Targhee Wool.

It’s time for another yarn review!

I recently finished knitting these socks for my dad for his birthday, and I thought I’d tell you about the yarn I used.

First of all, this yarn is by Brenda and Heather (BaH) Yarns. If you’ve ever seen their booth at a festival, you’ll notice that, although they have other options as well, they specialize in self-striping yarns.

This was actually my first experience with self-striping, and I have to say, I absolutely loved it. But I’ll get to that.

The yarn I used from BaH is their Paws colorway. Or at least it was Paws when I purchased it. It’s recently been renamed to Da Yarn, I believe. The colors, for those interested, are that of the Detroit Tigers, my state’s baseball team and my dad’s favorite thing to watch all spring/summer long (and trust me, the time feels endless…).

I purchased it on their TargHeel base, which is 90% Targhee Superwash wool, 10% Nylon.

I’m going to be honest, it took me longer than I care to admit to realize that TargHeel was a pun on Targhee, since this is a sock base. I was very confused, thinking it was a misspelling for the longest time!

Anyway, this was my first experience with Targhee wool as well as self-striping, and I have to say – it was a joy.

First, I was extremely pleased about how the yarn striped. The pattern that the stripes take on is somewhat varied, with three thin stripes of orange, white, and navy between thicker stripes that switch between the perfect orange and navy colors. It makes for a very beautiful end product, and makes the knitting process more interesting as well.

The joins between the colors, where they switch from one color to the next, were practically seamless. Overall, the colorway is extremely well done, and I expect that all of their other self-striping yarns are of similar quality.

Now, for the yarn itself.

I loved working with this wool.

The twist on this yarn was fantastic. I ended up having to rip out these socks on at least four separate occasions (you’d think vanilla socks would be so much easier, but no), and I didn’t feel that there was a difference in the quality of the twist at all. Working it up on the fourth go through was just as easy as the first.

The one thing to consider when using Targhee wool is how soft you want your socks.

I mostly just needed these socks to be strong. They were knit for my dad, and he did this to the last footwear that I knit him:

So needless to say, strength was my primary priority, not softness. Don’t get me wrong, the wool is hardly sandpaper, but it is definitely stiffer than, say, Merino.

I’ve only just given the socks to my dad, so we can’t know yet if he’ll manage to destroy them, but I don’t expect that even he is capable of it. The Targhee wool felt very strong, and with the addition of the nylon, I expect they’ll live up to the wear he’ll put on them.

So, my verdict on this base from BaH Yarns? A must have.

Maybe not for your baby knits, but if you have any interest in knitting socks, you have to knit at least one pair with this yarn.


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