Knitting Series: Yarn Stash Part 2

Let’s talk about my yarn stash (again).

I last made one of these posts on March 30th, about a month ago. If you want to see the first part of my stash, you can go check out that post.

I don’t think I need much preamble this time, let’s get straight into it.

I’m going to start off this stash post with all of the Bumblebee Acres Farm yarn that I currently possess.

I’ve done a review previously about Bumblebee Acres yarn, and it’s absolutely the case that I am a bit too obsessed with their colors. I do have plans for all of the yarn I have from them, but all of the projects are for me, and currently I’m trying to finish up all my gift knitting for the year.

Anyway, I digress.

These two skeins I’m putting together because they are both from last year’s Christmas collection, and they will eventually be put together to create something lovely. The red one is called Peppermint and the green is Frosty Fraser.

All of the yarn that I have from Bumblebee Acres is in the same base, so I’ll just put it here, no need to repeat it:

It’s their Coquette Sock base, which is a 4-ply yarn containing 434yds of a 75% Superwash Corriedale wool, 25% Nylon blend.

I find this yarn to be best for shawls, which is precisely what these two gorgeous Christmas colorways will one day be.

I found it a bit difficult to get a good picture of these, but I hope this does them justice.

These 10 mini-skeins are what I have remaining from my Christmas advent calendar from last year. (Have I ever mentioned that I’m crazy about Christmas?)

Bumblebee Acres does a number of themes for advent calendars each year, and this one was Christmas at Downton.

I used the first 15 mini skeins in a different project, but these last 10 should be enough for The Gathering Shawl, by the Bumblebee Acres designer (they really do everything at this company!).

I just have to mention, I’m extremely excited for this year’s advent calendar. I stayed up late the day the reservations went on sale so I could snag the one I wanted! They didn’t have the Downton Abbey theme this year, sadly, but I was able to grab one of the Harry Potter themes, which I’m just as excited about.

This is the last of my Bumblebee Acres yarn, but as you can see, there’s a lot of it!

I bought this and got it alllll caked up for a cardigan that I was going to make last year.

Unfortunately, just as I was setting about casting on, I realized that I had a bunch of Christmas knitting that I needed to do first, or it wouldn’t be done in time for the season.

I am a bit nervous to make this cardigan, and I’ve been putting it off. I’ve never knit a cardigan or a sweater before, and the pattern I picked – Boardwalk, by Amy Miller – is kind of obscure. Plus, who uses fingering weight yarn for their first sweater??

But I’ve committed to it, and I’m determined, so as soon as I’m done with my gift knitting this year, these skeins will finally be put to use.

Now, speaking of that sweater, I’m also going to be using this yarn.

This is a skein of Malabrio in their Sock base, which is 440yds of 100% Superwash Merino wool, in the colorway Cereza.

I always intended on making my cardigan using this yarn for the cuffs, pockets, and waistband, but after knitting with the Coquette Sock base to make a shawl, I’m particularly glad I made this choice.

I think that this wool will have a bit more elasticity than the Corriedale base, and that will be useful on the cuffs and waistband in particular.

Plus, don’t you think these colorways complement each other beautifully?

This is another skein of Malabrigo, but this is in a different base.

The Mechita base is a single ply, fingering weight base, with about 420yds. It’s made with 100% Superwash Merino wool.

I absolutely love this base, it’s one of my all-time favorites to work with. I use it to make Sockhead Hats. I have so many that I’ve already knit, but when this went on sale at my LYS, I had to have it. It’ll be a hat for my brother.

When I was properly getting educated in yarn, which wasn’t until after knitting my first Sockhead Hat out of this yarn, I was concerned that maybe the single ply was a bad choice for a hat. I find that it does tend to stretch out quite a bit, which is not ideal, but overall it works really well. The softness and stitch definition make up for the fact that I have to make them a bit smaller so that they fit properly after being worn for a bit.

Ok, well, that’s all for now! I have just enough yarn in my stash for one more stash post, so look forward to that sometime next month!


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