Knitting Series: Stash Post Part 3

Let’s talk about Yarn!

Alright guys, this is the final stash post! After this, I’ll keep you up to date on my yarn purchases in a more general way. Maybe at the end of a post I’ll mention if I’ve bought new yarn. Or something like that, we’ll see!

Anyway, if you haven’t, I recommend going back and checking out my previous two yarn stash posts, Part 1 and Part 2.

I should mention that the yarn that I have left is a bit more random than in my previous posts, lots of odds and ends that have ended up in my stash for one reason or another.

Let’s get to it then.

First, another kit! I mentioned a mitten kit in one of the previous posts, and this one is very similar, though not by the same designer.

Just like the other kit, this one uses Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport for its yarn, which is simply 100% wool.

As pictured, this yarn is going to be for the Copper Harbor hat pattern, by MayBea Crafted.

I have an interesting (to me at least) story regarding this designer.

The first time Taylor and I went to Yarn Con in Chicago, we went to a free class hosted by the two women who head the MayBea company. I can’t remember exactly what the class was called, but they discussed some interesting aspects of wool sourcing and dyeing technique. When I saw them again later at the Ann Arbor Fiber Festival, I had to have one of their Michigan-themed patterns (Copper Harbor is a city in the UP that Michael and I visited on our last vacation).

Next is a few balls of cotton that I picked up at Meijer when they were having a sale. It’s super basic Lily Sugar ‘n Cream, each with 95 yards of 100% cotton. The colors are Violet Stripes, Desert Rising, Sonoma Print, and Chocolate Ombré.

These are, eventually, going to become dish cloths. Michael and I need some new ones desperately, I just can’t seem to get around to making them.

Believe it or not, I’ve never actually made dish cloths. I know that they’re unbelievably simple, they are after all typically what a first time knitter will make. But I just have so many things that I want to make, I never seem to find time to throw in a quick dish cloth!

This is a skein of Berroco Vintage DK in the colorway Smoke. It’s 290 yards of 52% Acrylic, 40% wool, and 8% Nylon.

This is not a typical purchase for me.

I usually stay far away from anything with that much acrylic, unless it’s for a baby blanket, and honestly I didn’t even know that’s what it was made of until writing this blog.

I got this skein from a LYS in my boyfriend’s home town, with a couple of other skeins of yarn that were a worsted weight.

They were all supposed to come together to become a Stephen West shawl, though which one I no longer remember. I saw the shawl on a display in the store and really liked it. When I asked the clerk about the yarn and had her show it to me, I was convinced that I had finally found a West Knit that I would like (most of his patterns are too ostentatious for me, though I’ve come around on a lot of them since buying this yarn).

And I really did have every intention of knitting that shawl, but I just never got around to it because I was busy knitting other things. Then I ended up using the other yarn for a different project, and that was that.

Now I have this skein of DK acrylic, and I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.

This is another skein of DK, but this one is much more exciting!

This is a skein that I dyed myself, with the help of my amazing friend Taylor, of course.

It’s in the Cat Sock Fibers Mango DK base, which is 246 yards of 75/25 Merino Wool and Nylon.

When I dyed this, I was going through a hat phase, where I was obsessed with knitting hats. By the time I had time to knit with it, though, I was out of that phase, and so it got put to the wayside while I did projects I had plans for.

I’m thinking it’ll be some fingerless gloves soon. I really need those. I work in an office, and it does not care that it’s May and 80 degrees outside, so of course I freeze.

I just have a few more skeins, all of them newer purchases.

First, this Birch Fire colorway by Witch Candy is something I have been obsessed with since the moment I saw a picture of it while browsing on Pinterest.

I found out when I purchased this yarn that it is one of her most popular colors – and of course you can see why. I followed this woman on Instagram after seeing that she didn’t constantly carry it in the shop, so that I could be notified when she did finally update her store with this yarn.

And it’s a good thing I did. That stuff went flying when she posted it! Within 20 minutes of the shop update, most of it was gone. I only just barely snagged these two skeins, in her sock base, which is 463 yards of fingering weight yarn in 75/25 Merino/Nylon.

I’m going to make myself a shawl with these, and it is going to be the best thing in my entire wardrobe.

Finally, these four skeins are my most recent purchase. I bought them from the GarenHuis Yarn Studio in Holland, Michigan.

Shepherd’s Wool is made by Stonehedge Fiber Mill, a Michigan brand, and I’ve seen them in a few shops, though this one had the best display of colors I’ve seen yet.

It’s a 3-ply worsted weight Merino wool with about 250 yards per skein, and runs at less than $15 a skein. The colors I purchased are Pewter, Granite, and Harvest Wheat.

One squish of this yarn and I was sold. I’ve been trying out new types of worsted weight yarn, and I really love this one.

The Harvest Wheat is already on the needles, it’s going to be a Hinterland Hat for my boyfriend for Christmas. The Granite will be a hat for my dad, and the Pewter a treat for myself, it’ll be a scarf.

And that’s all! Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of posts, and I’ll be back with another post in a few days. See you then!


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