Knitting Series: Yarn Review – Northern Bee Studio

Let’s talk about Yarn.

Today I actually have two different yarns from the same company to review for you! Northern Bee Studio has a great fingering weight base that I used to knit some socks, as well as a worsted weight base that I made into a hat.

First, I’m going to tell you about the fingering weight yarn. The base is called their Shawl Sock base, and is 435 yards of 100% Superwash Merino, with 85 yards in a second colorway of the same base.

I bought this in a set, as is clear from the photo. I was immediately drawn into their booth from the other colors that they had, but these colors had me drooling from the moment I saw them. The purple is called Wine on the Dock, and the yellow is Gold Rush.

I’d been wanted to try a contrast cuff, heel, and toe on a pair of socks, and when I saw this set I thought it was perfect.

I will say that working with a dark yarn like this was harder than I anticipated. I used the Hermione Everyday pattern to knit up a pair of socks for my mom, and although it’s a very easy pattern, I found it a bit of a strain sometimes to count or keep track of stitches against the dark fabric.

But they did turn out absolutely lovely.

The yarn was wonderful to work with. Very smooth, didn’t split often, and easy to knit up. It did seem to be quite a thin yarn, I would almost go so far as to call it a light fingering, which did make for some very, very small DPNs that I had to use.

The yarn is also quite stiff. It doesn’t have a ton of elasticity to it, making me a bit concerned about having used it for socks. After blocking, for example, the cuff didn’t spring back as much as I expected, and despite using and extra stretchy bind off, there isn’t a lot of give in the cuff either.

Perhaps as a shawl sock base, the emphasis should be on shawl, because I’m certain that between the quality of the yarn and the incredible colors, this yarn would make a phenomenal shawl.

Next up is the worsted weight yarn. This Worsted base is 215 yards of 100% Merino. This skein is in the colorway Juvenile Bald Eagle

I absolutely adore this base!

It’s genuinely one of the best worsted weight yarns I’ve ever worked with.

It’s super squishy, incredibly soft, and a huge pleasure to work with. The yarn doesn’t split, it works up very smoothly, and the end product is a gorgeous, velvety piece.

This was only my second ever cabled piece, and the cables on this hat were quite intricate for a newbie. This yarn helped me along by being so smooth and easy to work with.

End verdicts? Get yourself some of this worsted weight for pretty much any project you want to feel squishy and soft and lovely, and get yourself some of that shawl sock for a shawl or other more delicate piece.

I should note, both of the yarns I discussed here were purchased from fiber festivals, the sock yarn from the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo, the worsted from Yarn Con in Chicago. I mention this simply because I highly recommend visiting their booth before making a judgement on the yarn they have available. I believe that they’re working on updating the website, but for now what they have listed on the site I linked above is absolutely nothing compared to their actual stock, which includes numerous bases and phenomenal colorways.

Just something to keep in mind if my review has made you inclined to purchase some of their yarn.


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