Same Blog, New Rules

So, here’s the thing. Some of you may have noticed (and by some of you, I mean probably the one person who actually regularly reads/subscribes to my blogs – Hi Taylor!) that I haven’t posted a single thing in the last month.

The simple truth is, I got tired of the format I created. Having to come up with two new ideas – one personal and one knitting related – every single week, and writing eight blog posts every month was simply exhausting. I didn’t have the brain power for it, it wasn’t fun anymore.

And then, also, I started working on a new novel.

I don’t think this has come up in previous posts, mostly because I kept away from anything personal, but I want to be a novelist. Unfortunately, I’m not even published yet, and the writer’s block has already set in.

I need a break from writing fiction and I need to take some time to actually plan out some of my story ideas. I do not, however, want to stop writing. Once you stop, it’s so hard to get started again.

That’s where this blog comes in.

I am going to write a new blog post every single day for the month of August.

Here are the rules:

I can write about absolutely anything at all, no holds barred.

I must write a minimum of 200 words each day.

Each post must be up by 11:59 that day, no back-dating my posts.

No post-dating either, each post must be written that same day.

Check in every day for whatever stream of consciousness babble I manage to spit out next, and wish me luck!


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