Why Summer is the Worst: A Short Essay

I hate summer.

Starting these blogs out on such a positive note, great job, Emma.

But you know what, whatever. I do. I hate summer, and I love to rant about it. I’ve discussed this topic at length with my friends, my family, pretty much anyone who will listen to me moan about how utterly terrible the entire season is.

Sure, when I was in grade school as a kid, I loved summer. No School! Now that I’m an adult, though, summer just means sweaty, sticky, miserable trips outside. And it means wrapping up in three blankets when I’m inside, because the office building I work for has the AC blasting and I’m in a thin skirt and cardigan because it’s too damn hot outside to wear anything else!

And yes, my birthday is in summer. Even that can’t make the season any better for me. Sure, it was nice for pool parties and family get-togethers when I was a kid, but now I’d just as soon not put on a bikini, ever, if I can help it.

Ok, so, obviously, the heat is one of the worst things about summer. That argument is the biggest but also the easiest to make. Just remember any time you’ve been out in the sun in the middle of July for more than thirty seconds. I think that’s really all I have to say, so I’m just going to leave it there.

Then there’s the bugs. God, I hate bugs. Bugs of pretty much any and all kinds, they’re just awful. In particular, though, mosquitos. I don’t know what it is about me, but throughout my entire life they’ve always been oddly attracted to me. I can go out with friends, and they won’t have a single bite, but I’ll have six! It’s absurd.

I also don’t like all the extra hours in the day.

Now this one probably seems odd to a lot of people, but hear me out.

I do not like waking up at 6am and having the sun shining through the curtains and blinding my poor eyes before I even have a proper chance to shuffle out of bed and get to a functional level (not a morning person, in case you couldn’t tell).

Even more so, though, I hate how late the sun is up. At 10pm I don’t want to be watching the sunset, I want to be in a cozy pair of pjs getting ready for bed. And yes, I know, I can still do this even if the sun is up, but how easy is it for you to get in a sleep-ready state of mind with a great orange orb glaring through your bedroom window?

Now, for the more serious talk. Who here knows what SAD is? Seasonal Affective Disorder occurs for most people in the winter. They become lethargic and depressed, and have a hard time functioning. It’s a clinical form of depression.

I experience something very much like that in the summer, primarily due to the anxiety disorder that I suffer from throughout the year. My anxiety gets considerably worse in the summer. This is for a number of reasons, from not getting enough sleep because the sun takes so damn long to set, to overheating being a trigger for my anxiety.

So yeah. Summer. It’s the worst.


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