Not a Great Start

Whelp, not a great start to the month. I got three days in a row, then just completely and totally forgot yesterday.

It’s not even that we had a particularly busy day. I mean, we got a new mattress and swapped out or old one, sending our full size bed back home with my parents after they brought us our new queen sized one. I went out and got a mattress pad for the bed with my mom. Later, Michael and I went to a movie – Incredible 2 was great, by the way. Not as good as the first one, but really, how could it be? Then I did a bit of shopping for some essentials – I needed new camis and Forever 21 sells them for $2.90, and they have a shop right next to their

Then I was feeling really anxious because of the damn heat, so we came home and made a super simple dinner and watched stuff on our DVR that we needed to catch up on – anybody else obsessed with Elementary on CBS? Or at least heard of it?

Ok, so, maybe we were kinda busy. I mean, I could have easily made time to write, but the fact that I forgot isn’t all that surprising.

I’m not going to punish myself or anything. I don’t think that’s productive, it’s just a great way to make myself stop writing. I’m just going to carry on and try not to forget again.


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