My All-Time Favorite Movie

While You Were Sleeping is literally the best movie of all time, and there is absolutely nothing anyone could say to change my mind.

For those who aren’t familiar with 1995 feel-good classic, it stars Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman. The movie is set in Chicago at Christmas time, which makes it an immediate win for me, personally. But it gets even better than that!

Lucy, played by Sandra Bullock, works for the CTA and has developed a crush on one of the men that she regularly sees from her token-taking booth at the L. She’s never spoken a word to the guy in her life, but when he gets pushed onto the train tracks on Christmas Day, she saves his life. He ends up in a comma, and later, at the hospital, Lucy gets mistaken for his fiance.

And then chaos, charm, and Christmas joy ensues!

So, let’s go over why this movie is so utterly incredible.

First, the cast is absolutely perfect. It’s not just Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman, who have amazing chemistry onscreen and are phenomenal actors in their own right. The rest of the cast includes, Peter Boyle as Bill Pullman’s father; Peter Gallagher as Peter Callaghan (Lucy’s supposed fiance); Jack Warden as Saul, the family friend; Glynis Johns as the Grandmother, Elsie (she may be my favorite character); and…

Actually, I didn’t know who most of these people were outside of this movie, so I guess I shouldn’t expect anyone else to know, either. But I would list the entire cast if I thought it would convince anyone to watch this movie! From the skeezy guy whose dad owns the apartment Lucy lives in, to Lucy’s boss, I simply fell in love with every single character in the movie.

The story is also extremely well written. The circumstances that lead to the misunderstanding about Lucy seem so wild and fantastic, and also so easily solvable in principle. But the story is so well-written and well-paced that at no point at all in the entire movie did it seem unusual that this misunderstanding was continuing to be facilitated.

And then there’s the costumes. As I said, this movie was made in 1995, and wow, can you tell. But I absolutely adore the clothes in this movie. My favorite, of course, are Lucy’s sweaters. She has at least five of them, I think, and most of them seem to be old sweaters of her father’s, who has passed away by the time the movie takes place. As a knitter and aspiring pattern designer, I intend to make patterns for and knit every single one of the sweaters in this movie, I loved them so much.

I watch this movie multiple times a year – multiple times a month, if I’m feeling particularly anxious or depressed, because it always makes me feel better! All I’m saying is that you should watch it at least once.


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