Can It Be Fall, Please?

I am so ready for fall.

I’m ready for sweater weather and apple cider and pumpkin spice everything. I’m ready for pumpkin patches and falling leaves and crisp mornings that require a coat. I’m ready for football season and Thanksgiving with the family and

I want to be able to turn the AC off and the oven on. I want to bake pumpkin cookies and pumpkin pie. I want to make apple crisp with fresh Michigan apples that are brilliantly in season.

We’ve established already, I am not a summer person. And as August is speeding by (is it really the 13th already??), I’m getting more and more excited for fall.

The trouble is, I know that I have an incorrect perception of when the weather is supposed to turn. I’m used to thinking that once we hit September, a switch is simply be flicked and all the leaves will start turning colors and we’ll get that lovely fall chill in the air.

But most of September is actually still summer, the season doesn’t change until September 22nd.

It doesn’t really seem fair, considering that summer really encroaches on spring. I think it started in April this year, weather-wise. Even though fall doesn’t technically start until the 22nd, I think that Mother Nature owes us a bit of the cool weather that she took from us in spring. Too bad it doesn’t work like that.


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