Sunday’s Post

I love taking baths.

We don’t have a great bathtub for taking baths, admittedly. It’s pretty typical for an apartment bathtub, just a tub-shower combo. And I’ve had to do a bit a finagling to make it work right.

First of all, the overflow drain on this tub is super low. It barely covers my stomach when I take a bath without the overflow drain covered. I think you’re only meant to bathe children in this tub. Or maybe pets. We have had to give our cat a bath in this tub, but that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, to solve this problem, I’ve had to use packaging tape to cover up the drain. If I don’t, I’m exposed and cold within fifteen minutes, and nobody wants that. It’s such a pain, especially because it has to be replaced periodically or it gets gross. (Side note, I had to Google to figure out exactly what the overflow drain was called, and apparently they sell covers for these! I will definitely be buying one of those, that’s going to save me so much hassle!)

The next problem is also a drain problem, and that is that our drain stopper for the main drain simply does not work. The few times I’ve managed to maneuver the drain’s switch into the exact right position, it’s been extremely difficult to open back up again. It’s not worth the bruises that I’ve sustained from that, so I finally devised a new solution. Washcloths!

When I was a still a kid, but old enough to take showers, I would often use washcloths to block the shower drain at home so that I could play in the water. I forgot how effective that was until I started doing it for my baths. I have absolutely no problem with the water draining out anymore, and instead actually have to remove the washcloth to drain some of the water so that I can add hot water when it gets cold.

Ok, so, that’s my finagling, now I can talk about the fun part – add ins!

Not long ago, this bit would simply have been about bath bombs, as that used to be the only thing I’d add to a bath. But the bath bombs that I like – I won’t use anything except Lush – are extremely expensive, and I’ve gotten spoiled so that I don’t really like to take a bath without an add-in.

So my solution to this? Oatmeal.

I simply put about a cup and a half of oatmeal in an old sock (clean, of course), and throw it in the tub while the water is running. It doesn’t really do much, that is, until you start squeezing the sock. It releases a really fine powder that mixes immediately in the water.

This is particularly great for me, because I’m such a fidgety person. I simply don’t do sitting still. So having the oatmeal sock to squish and play with makes the bath that much more relaxing for me.

The last time I had a bath, I also added in a few drops of lavender essential oil, and it was heavenly.


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