Dear Hank and John

I’m going to tell you about my favorite podcast.

Dear Hank and John just updated today, and I cannot tell you how happy I was to see it. I was just getting ready to go on lunch when I got the notification that a new episode was available, and I could have squealed, clapped my hands repeatedly, and jumped around joyously, if I hadn’t been in a professional environment.

So, let’s start with the premise of this podcast.

The presenters are two brothers, Hank and John Green. A lot of people will recognize John Green as the author of The Fault in Our Stars, but as I try to stay away from books that will make me sad, to me he’s just one of the Vlogbrothers, which is the YouTube channel that they also do together.

The show is a comedy advice podcast. They answer a range of questions, from the super silly to the extremely serious and important. John’s habit of throwing in a bit of existentialism every now and then had prompted the tagline “It’s a comedy podcast about death!” Fortunately, even those bits are genuinely funny, too.

What I like most about this podcast is how genuine it feels. Whether it’s John’s existentialism, Hank’s excitement for science, or even simply the interactions between the two brothers, everything about the show feels authentic. The focus isn’t on getting downloads, it’s on producing something that’s entertaining, just for the fun of it.

There is not a single other thing that I watch or listen to that I look forward to like I look forward to Dear Hank and John. Usually, it will take me a few days to get to new uploads from other content, but not this one. I will stick in my earbuds and listen to this the moment it comes out. The only reason I won’t do that is if I’m determined to get through something else – then I use it as my reward for getting through something a bit less interesting.


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