Let’s Go Lions!

I am so excited for the Lions vs. Giants game tonight.

For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m talking about football. And not even, like, regular season football. No. This is pre-season, and Michael and I have planned our night around this.

I did not used to be a fan of football. In high school, it was cool to hate it because I as one of those nerdy types. By the end of high school, though, I shifted mostly to simply not enjoying it personally, but I didn’t judge those that liked it. In college, we got free tickets to go see the games, and I’d go see one or two a year – usually the first home game of the season, when practically the entire school turned up, then maybe homecoming if the weather wasn’t too miserable. But I wasn’t really there for the game, just the socializing.

Since college, I was pretty ambivalent to it, besides a vague nostalgia for it because my dad has always been so into it.

But then, I met Michael.

Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Michael is obsessed, but he’s definitely into the season. Does a fantasy league, tries to catch as many games as he can, but doesn’t go too far out of his way, and also tries to host a get together with friends to watch a game each year.

He was just so enthusiastic about football, and so willing to explain everything about the game, that I couldn’t help but get into it, too.

I love watching games for a few reasons.

As I said, it’s very nostalgic for me. My dad watched football all through my childhood (sometimes to my mother’s frustration), and so I very much associate the game with him.

Football season is also the harbinger of fall! If football is on, it makes me feel like fall is just around the corner, which is such a relief. Even though it’s August now, we just light a fall-scented candle and crank up the AC, and boom, may as well be October.

It brings people together, too. I rarely hear much about Michael’s friends, but come football season and, more importantly, fantasy league season, we hear from them regularly!

I also just love having something to root for. It’s fun knowing that I’m cheering for my team (the Lions, btw, if that wasn’t clear) along with tens of thousands of other people. Not to mention, it’s just exciting to have something to get excited about.

Oh, and last, but definitely not least, it’s a great thing to sit and watch while I knit. Michael generally explains to me what’s happening if I get lost, or I listen to the commentators and only pay close attention when something interesting happens.

So yeah, I’m excited to watch this game tonight.


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