Michigan Fiber Festival

Well, this weekend was not great for my consistency. I always do seem to struggle on the weekends the most.

Anyway, I want to tell you about the fiber festival that I went to on Saturday, so I’m not going to wallow in my failure, I’m just going to get right to it.

I went, for the first time ever, to the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan!

For those who don’t know, this is, I believe, the biggest fiber festival in the state. It’s held at the Allegan County Fairgrounds, and takes up a huge amount of space, both inside and outside. There are vendors of all kinds that go to this event, as well as farmers and 4-H kids there showing sheep, llamas, alpacas, and angora rabbits.

I ended up spending just a liiiiittle bit too much money on this particular trip. There was so much gorgeous yarn and so many amazing vendors, I really should have expected it. But after visiting all the vendors (you’ve got to do your rounds when you go to an event like this, see everything first and then just go back to your favorites) there were four different booths that stood out in my mind, and I decided that it was worth it to get something from all of them.

So I got five skeins of yarn, and a shawl pin!

The only yarn that I really waffled on was from a vendor called Weaver’s Loft. The yarn that I ended up getting from her is Alpaca wool with more than 650 yards, and honestly, even though I wasn’t sure about it, I think it was my favorite purchase from the festival.

The shawl pin was also a bit of a splurge, I hadn’t been part of my mission to get one at this festival. But there was a vendor that had all these gorgeous handmade shawl pins made from ceramic, and I knew I just had to have one. And I only just stopped myself from also purchasing one of the little frames that she had with a ceramic alpaca head sticking cutely out with the most adorable 3D affect.

One highlight for me was all the animals that hey had at the event! I’m super obsessed with any wool-producing animals, and getting the chance to see and even touch some of them up close had me grinning like a lunatic for absolutely ages. The sweet little angora rabbit I got to pet, in particular, made me want one of the cute bunnies so badly!

It was quite a drive to get to this festival, about an hour and a half each way, but on the way we stopped and picked up a coworker/friend of mine, and the whole trip was well worth it, I had such an amazing time.


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