Fangirling Over Twinings Tea

Today’s post is going to be about tea.

I love tea. My favorite brand is Twinings, and that’s for a few reasons. First of all, it’s really the first (decent) tea that I was exposed to. (Technically the first tea I had was Lipton Green Tea, and so is it really a wonder that I didn’t get a taste for it for a long time?)

I started drinking tea when I was in college, because I was dating a guy from a very quintessentially British family, straight down to the genuine belief that all problems can be solved with tea. Tired? Tea. Hungry? Tea. Sad? Tea. Happy, excited, lonely, afraid? Tea. Always tea.

But you know what, the idea really stuck. Even after I broke up with that guy, I kept drinking tea for just about every occasion. I still don’t take milk in my tea like a proper Brit, but I do enjoy at least one cup pretty much every day, even when it’s 90 degrees outside.

Actually, having tea when it’s hot outside can be attributed to my time in Taiwan. They believe there that drinking something hot when it’s hot outside will help to cool you down. Don’t really understand the logic behind that, but hey, if it’s another excuse to have tea, I’m game.

Anyway, reason number two that I have a preference for Twinings – it’s an extremely prevalent brand. I can get a huge variety even in my local grocery store.

For that matter, I can get Twinings just about anywhere. Even when I was living in Paris and shopping at their teeny tiny grocery stores, they had a great variety of Twinings tea.

The variety of their tea is actually reason number three that I like them so much. That amount of variety means that they have a ton of decaf options for me! And that’s not just the herbal teas that most brands have. Twinings does a decaf of all my traditional favorites, from Irish Breakfast to Earl Grey. And considering that caffeine, even in small does, tends to be a huge trigger for my anxiety, I’m extremely grateful for that.


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